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From photo art to complete photo restoration I do it all

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Photo restoration and photo repair is an art and a science. In other times, photos were painstakingly restored or repaired by hand. The artist used fine watercolors to paint on highlights and color tones. Creases, scratches and missing parts were repaired by talented photo artisans taking many hours to complete.

Now, most work done on restoring or repairing photographs is done digitally. The software used is very expensive and the learning curve, to say the least, is daunting. It’s nothing learned in a few weeks, it is an ongoing process to keep up with the latest software changes and improvements. It’s very time consuming. You MUST be fully dedicated to this challenge. I love what I do.

So, if you need photo restorations or photo repairs, us Red Apple Graphics. I guarantee all my work to your complete satisfaction.

If you want a family portrait to look like an oil painting, let me know. I’ll show you how nice it will look when completed.

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colorization restoration to schoolhouse picture

Photo Art, repair or total restoration is what I do

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