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Red Apple Photo Restorations

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What is the setting for scanning an old photograph?

Scan at 600dbi with a bit setting of 16

Even if the photo is black and white, scan in the color mode (RGB)

Do you change the original?

No, I only work from a scan or digital file. The original is returned to you in the condition I received it. I treat your photograph like it was my own.

Do you print the completed work?

I give you a 5x7 color print and the files associated with the restoration. You can use a photo print service to get addition prints in different sizes. You would take the DVD to someplace like Wal-Mart, Walgreens or any other place with photo printing services. If you want high quality and accurate colors, I would suggest using a service on the web. I personally like National Photo Lab for all my photo printing.

Do I get to keep the completed files?

Yes, I give you a DVD with the original scan, and the completed restoration in several different sizes for your convenience.

How long does the restoration take?

I normally return the completed work within one week. I can make arrangements for a quicker turn around if needed. I charge $10.00 for a rush job.

How much do you charge?

I charge $45.00 for the first photo and $10.00 for each additional photo. If the restoration is relativity easy, I may charge less. If the restoration requires a great deal of time, I may charge a bit more.

How do you keep the cost so reasonable?

I do not have any overhead. I work out of my home. I see no reason to have a store front where I would need to charge a lot more to cover the cost. I only do photo restorations, I don’t sell anything or offer other photographic services. I specialize in graphic imaging only. You only pay for my time, no rent, no utilities and no middleman.

How long does it take to get a quote?

I will return your quote by e-mail within 24 hours.

How do I see the finished work before you bill me for the work?

I will email you a digital photo proof when I complete the restorations. If you are not completely satisfied with the finished restoration, I will work with you to resolve any issues. If I can’t make you completely happy you’re not charge and I send you back your original (it’s never happened so I wouldn’t concern myself with that). After you approve the work I send an invoice for payment.

How do I pay for your services?

Great question, I like to get paid. You can pay by PayPal, check (must clear first), money order or cash (local customer only)

How much does it cost?

I know most other places charge on an item by item basis. That’s a real pain in the butt for my customers. You’re at the mercy of being up priced on a grocery list of problems. I charge one price for the first photo, with a discount for each additional photograph.  Here’s my finished cost to you.

One photo - $35.00

Two to five photos - $10.00 each

Six or more – I work cheep

Rush job (24 hour turnaround time) additional $10.00

Send me a photo of a uniformed American Veteran for restoration; you get a second photo free!!

Can you arrange printing for me?

I’d rather not. Why, because I would need to charge the “middle man” price. I’d rather help you with several different options. Saves you a lot of money and I can concentrate on what I do best, restore photos.

How does this work? Do you restore my actual, real original photograph?

No. Your photo is scanned on my high res photo scanner and returned to you in its original condition. I do my magic on the digital file form the scan.

How long will it take?

Typically, we can have your restored photograph back to you in just a few days, but it depends on the complexity of the restoration. If it is a complicated restoration, it can take longer.

Will I be able to approve the restorations before I buy?

Absolutely! After we have finished working on your photo(s), we will place them on a web page for you to browse to and approve. If you are not completely happy with the finished product, we will work with you to resolve any issues. If all else fails, we will refund your money.